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I have never left a negative review on a company but that's is changing today. We have used Rumpke for many years with no complaints until the last several months they refused to empty our dumpster-the driver would get out of his truck and literally grab the two bags on top and go about his business.

I would call and complain to a supervisor and after several complaints they emptied the dumpster. And of course I was billed the entire amount... out of the blue they decided they were not going to empty it again and once again I complained. They said it was too unsafe for the driver-I explained it has been where it is for years-they sent someone out and it was decided to move to other side of the driveway-the next week he emptied it and we thought OK back to normal, well no--he did not empty it the next week- I called to complain and they acted as if I had done something wrong so I told them to come get the dumpster-we changed to another company and we are happy.

So to top it off-we got a invoice for $ 123 credit (we paid quarterly) no check though-2 weeks later I got a late notice that we owed $152..really?? So when I asked she said well we pro rate the invoice-pro rate Bull...S!!!!!! they did not pick my trash up for a least 3 months-we stock piled in the garage ...So not they are messing with my mother-they found my brother's name on some of the mail in her trash can... really RUMKE your that hard up to send him a bill-well did you know he lives right beside her and helps take care of her and spends a great deal of time there..

and RUMPKE did you know that the mailman will often put junk mail of his in her mailbox by mistake-would you ever think maybe he told her to pitch it..

and besides that why would you care what is in her trash? she has NEVERE had more than 2 cans a week-yes you have capitalized the business but hope you can sleep at night knowing how many people you mess with and to let you know my mother is a senior-have respect will you??

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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